Grandma Ape Country Club

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Phase 1: The Story
In this stage of the project we will be running giveaways, providing an open whitelist & getting the project out there. As a community, we want to incentivize everyone to get involved in the future success of the GrandMa Ape Country Club. Put in the work and with a bit of luck, perhaps you'll hit one of the Jackpots!


Phase 2: Awareness
We will deploy social media channels, discord, and marketing teams to bring awareness to the GMC Club. We are spending thousands on marketing to ensure the project gets the attention it deserves!


Phase 3: Official Launch
Once we establish solid community numbers we will reveal all of the details for our BIG launch! Including mint price, mint date, time, and more.


Phase 4: The Queens — 88 mints
The GMCC Queen is an Ultra Rare and Powerful GrandMa Ape. We wanted to reward our very first holders in a really special way!


Phase 5: The Goddesses — 8 airdrops
The GMCC Goddess is a Legendary and Very Powerful GranMa Ape. 8 Goddesses will be randomly airdrop among the Queen holders.


Phase 6: The Baronesses — 888 mints
The GMCC Baroness is a Rare GrandMa Ape.


Phase 7: The Ladies — 3888 mints
The GMCC Lady is well respected GranMa Ape.


Phase 8: Give Back To The GMCC Community (Q2-Q3)
We will reward our community with exclusive airdrops, giveaways, and community events.


Phase 9: Growth (Q3)
We will continue to invest in marketing to ensure that GMCC becomes a recognizable name around every corner of the world. Partnerships with various projects, communities, NFT influencers, brands, in both the Metaverse and the ETH ecosystem, are currently being explored and will be announced in due time.


Phase 10: Charity (Q4)
The Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October 2022)
Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer. By increasing awareness, we hope that both women and men become more attentive to the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and spot it while it is more easily treatable.


Phase 11: Metaverse & Virtual Lands
Our main focus is on finding the killer use case for the Metaverse and executing on it to reach product-market fit. This process will happen through quick iteration based on feedback loops. Progress made will be regularly shared with the community.

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